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Spring Co-op

Planning Meetings
February 18

Calvary Baptist Church at 6:30pm

Meet and Greet March 26

Classes Begin April 2
Classes End May 7

More detailed information is available to SCCHEA members in the forum. Check it out!

If you're new to homeschool, new to SCCHEA and/or our co-op, we know you have questions. The co-op directors are happy to help. Just send us an email or text

Laura Maestas

Tiffani Kennedy


What is co-op?

Co-op is a cooperative effort by families within our group for the educational and social benefit of our students. It is a place where adults can pass on their knowledge and talents to eager pupils just waiting to absorb it all. It is a great way to meet new people as well as connect with those we have not seen in a while. It's fun and educational!

When is co-op?

Co-op is held twice each school year, once in the fall and again in the spring. Every participating student attends two classes per co-op semester. Each semester, we begin with a meet and greet followed by six weeks of classes held one day per week. In order to for students to participate in co-op, at least one of their parents will be required  to serve as teacher or assistant in each of the two class periods. There have been rare exceptions to this rule due to extenuating circumstances. Such exceptions are at the discretion of the co-op directors.

Where is it held?

Calvary Baptist Church
612 Valley View Road
Benton AR, 72019

How much does this cost?

We try to keep the costs for our co-op very low. There is a $10 fee per family that helps cover the cost of running co-op, including a donation to the church that is hosting us. Teachers are volunteers and as such do not receive monetary compensation for services rendered. Class fees are simply to cover the cost of necessary class materials and expenses. Class fees are set by the teachers. Some teachers offer classes which have no additional cost whatsoever. The total cost of co-op will be different each semester for every family, and that cost will be determined by the cost of the classes in which you enroll your children.

How do I get involved?

Teaching is a rewarding experience and a wonderful way to get to know the kids. You teach what you like, what you know. Some of the classes offered in the past have included: Art (drawing sketch, painting, scupture, mosaics, ceramics painting), Science (Legos in motion, electricity, Apologia Elementary Biology, experiments for various age groups), Social Studies (countries and cultures), accounting, leather working, Writing (poetry, essay, creative), journalism, character building, auto mechanics, Hunter's Education with certification, story time, sign language, Spanish, ACT/SAT test prep, P.E., First Aid/CPR with certification, babysitting 101, music (choir, guitar, recorder band), cooking (basic, team challenge), cake decorating, sewing, and scrapbooking. Again, teach what interests you; teach what you already know or want to learn about.

If you don’t want to teach just yet, you can assist another teacher. Assisting can be a great way to get to know other SCCHEA parents, and every teacher needs a great assistant. Some classes will require multiple assistants depending on the nature of the class and the number of students enrolled. Every family must have at least one parent who is teaching or assisting with classes both hours of co-op each week. 

How do I sign up? 

Teachers: Class Description Worksheet

Registration will be March 11 - 15.  You can register here.  Registration is a first come first serve basis.

All families must complete the co-op release form once per school year July - June.

Who do I contact?

The current directors of co-op are 

Laura Maestas

Tiffani Kennedy